Well, so nice of you to join me. This is my very firs blog post on my new and improved website. I've been grinding away at my upcoming tour all night, creating ticket links, event pages, concert schedules, graphics, posters, etc., and while I do feel pretty exhausted, I'm also super motivated and excited for the "Sewing the Seeds Tour" to begin!

On March 8th I will be throwing a kick-off house concert  to celebrate with my friends, family, and community. I am really blessed with such supportive people in my life. On the following day, I set off solo across the country. This will be my first time traveling as a lone performer over such a distance. However, I am excited to say that I will be joined by Layla Kelly for the middle portion of the tour. There is certain to be amazing music and experiences to come of us hitting the road together again.

I started making lists of what to bring, working away at playlists and podcasts, trail mix ideas and other miracle road foods to carry me through this tour in good health. If you have any suggestions, please send them!  I'm very excited to get back on the road again, and to take the new songs I've been working on to new and unsuspecting audiences across Canada.

Look out world, here I come!

February 25th, 2018 - 5:29 a.m.